Does Online Poker Contribute to Poor Health

Participating in the online poker rooms and casinos that are phenomenally popular on the Web such as can lead to all manner of fun and profitable revenue for the skilled player, but for many, it is a recipe for disaster. Over time, competing in online poker rooms and casinos can lead to extremely poor health. Sitting still at a desk all day is the worst possible way to participate in a healthy lifestyle. Without getting consistent exercise and remaining healthy, the online poker player has a very unhealthy lifestyle to look forward to. By making some changes in the players lifestyle, this unhealthy aspect of life in the future can be avoided. First and foremost, it is important to note that sitting at the desk all day is the first and most important culprit to address. This sedentary lifestyle can be the number one problem with many players, as they simply do not move around enough to generate any energy or burn any calories. By sitting still in this manner at the poker players computer terminal, they are virtually guaranteeing that they get zero amount of exercise. The methods of sneaking in exercise in to the players schedule are plentiful, but some are actually the easiest techniques to include.

While experts will recommend running, jogging, walking or even swimming, these are activities that you should be doing anyway. Include an hour a day to walk or swim or jog in your schedule and then in addition to these normal exercise routine that should be executed daily, include other habits around the house that are more focused on activity. Many players like to raise the height of their desk to a standing level, foregoing the chair altogether so that they remain standing and mobile throughout the gaming experience. A good way to get an example of this is to look at any carpenter’s workshop or workbench area, where individuals stand and lean over a table to conduct their activities at work or construct necessary projects. Keeping the workshop table mentality, players can set up an entire system based on standing and walking around a small office area. When forced to stand, individuals usually tend to shift their weight back and forth or even pace the floor, all of which burns calories and contributes to better overall health. You can take this concept to the next level and make it part of the routine to constantly stay moving, an easy way to burn calories.

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